When Choosing Bags For Your Products, Why Is Paper So Good?

shopping with paper bags

If you need bags for your shop or an exhibition trade show, have you considered getting them made out of paper?

Using bags made from paper has a kind of superior look and feel to them, but they also have many other benefits.

One of the main benefits is the environmental advantages. However, we’ll go into other benefits throughout this article.


Bags custom-designed for your business made out of paper can be used for several different reasons.

You may give them to customers in your shop or give them out for a presentation or a tradeshow. This makes these bags extremely versatile.


Whatever your use, believe it or not, paper can be extremely strong, along with providing a clean surface for a clear brandable message.

Also, incorporating a flat handle creates a very elegant, sophisticated bag. For an even more upmarket bag, using a twisted handle provides a sturdy alternative to any standard handle, making them great for gift shops and trade shows.

Along with being a very robust and practical solution, these types of bags are also recyclable, which is perfect for any responsible environmental company.

So many different manufacturing choices are available, such as laminated, flat handle, and rope handle, depending on your bag’s use.


By including the elegance, with the ability to add your custom branding, unique selling point and taglines, you can set your company apart from the rest with an enhanced marketing message, bringing power to your brand.

The bag can be personalised according to your requirements, with any image or logo you desire, a perfect solution for appealing directly to your target audience.

The size of your bag is also flexible, from a small size for a deli/sandwich shop or jeweller to a larger bag that you can give away at a trade show exhibition stand with a full pack of company brochures.

Show off Your Brand With A Range Of High-End Options

Using laminated paper is at the top of the range. When somebody sees your laminated bag, they know that person has been shopping in a high-class store or has purchased something of value.

For further enhancement, look at different handle choices, from ribbon or rope to a gloss or Matt finish, with a UV or foil embossed logo for that extra superior look at its finest.

You’ll find that the bags in high-class cosmetic shops and designer stores are of a laminated construction that matches the sophistication and elegance of the products they sell.

As your bag leaves your shop and travels down the high streets and to other shops, this type of high-end bag extends your customer experience beyond your store’s confinement as a constant reminder of the high-quality products you produce.

Further Helping the Environment

With such a high-class and elegant bag, people don’t throw these out, they use them over and over again, whether that’s with further shopping or to be used to repackage a gift to give to somebody.

Your brand continues to increase awareness as it travels far and wide, providing you with free advertising and marketing.

Check out our range of printed paper bags to show off your company products and increase your brand awareness every time the bag gets used.