Increase Your Marketing and Brand Awareness with Ethical Bag Branding

Bag For Life

Reducing plastic use is at the forefront of so many companies looking to be more environmentally friendly in the workplace.

With plastic use on the decline, fabric bags have started to increase in usage from the supermarket and the high street through to events, exhibitions and conferences.

Bags printed with your logo, brand or tagline are a sustainable marketing tool with good distribution, is a fairly low-cost way to increase your brand awareness. These bags also provide the shopper or an exhibition attendee a gift they can use multiple times, further increasing your brand awareness.

As plastic becomes less popular due to environmental issues, there are a range of other bag types that provide many benefits or don’t negatively impact the environment.

Fabric bags are a great incentive to get people to use your bags as they are long-lasting and rugged, look great and truly are a bag for life.

From Jute, Canvas and promotional Tote bags, fabric carriers are only a small change that can have a massive impact on the environment.

But also provides you with an ethical accessory with your brand name printed across. As your branded bag moves around from place to place, whether that’s in the supermarket, on the high street or throughout an exhibition hall, other people will see, and your brand awareness will increase.

At a trade exhibition centre or expo, the attendees always love a freebie, with some just focusing on seeking freebie. To help them carry other promotional items and brochures that they pick up along the way and during their travels home.

Increasing your company’s brand awareness using promotional bags has never been easier, whether to sell in your boutique, chain of shops or give away on an exhibition stand.