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Plastic Or Paper Carrier Bags – Which One is Best?

plastic or paper bagsIn our disposable society, plastic bags have become the go-to product for many organisations. Understanding which is better for the environment – plastic or paper carrier bags – has to be weighed based on more than assumptions. Doing appropriate research helps consumers and businesses make the best decision for the type of bags used.

Carrier Bags For The Consumer

Many consumers have started to trend back towards reusable shopping bags, whether made from fabric, paper, or a heavier gauge plastic. This trend has roots in in the environmental movement, as reusable paper carrier bags seem to have less of a footprint on the environment. The reusable, recyclable feature makes it appealing for many people.

While many businesses use printed bags for promotional use, consumers are latching onto the idea of purchasing recyclable bags. A few retailers, such as Home Goods, market the bags in the checkout aisle. These bags have an aesthetic appeal to the consumer, offer good quality for reusing, and provide a very distinct mark when being used.

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The Benefits of Bags for Life: The Eco-Friendly Carrier Bag

eco friendly carrier bagsEnvironmental consciousness is at an all-time high. If you are just getting on board the Green Movement, we’ll show you how to make one easy change that will greatly benefit our Earth.

Choosing “paper or plastic” at the grocery store is all but a memory. Bags for Life are making a huge impact on society. Printed carrier bags are favourites of fashionistas. Companies are using these eco-friendly bags as giveaways to help promote their brand. Vendors at tradeshows are giving printed carrier bags as freebies to enhance their marketing efforts.

What are Bags for Life?

Paper or plastic shopping bags as we know them are called single use bags. Bags for life are reusable for the long haul. They are commonly constructed from natural material, which make them extremely durable.

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