We Are A UK Supplier Of Printed Carrier Bags

We specialises in producing a range of high quality printed carrier bags for the supply within a range of industries within the UK.

We work with every type of business from the retail industry to commercial and promotional trade, from the sole trader, small to medium business all the way up to the large multinational companies.

eco friendly printed carrier bags

Our Key Custom Carrier Bag Features:

  • U.K.’s most trusted and respected printed carrier bag supplier.
  • Create a range of designs on a range of high-quality bags made from plastic, paper to other environmentally friendly materials.
  • We have a highly trained specialist team that has years of experience within the printed carrier bag industry that can take your concept design through to production.
  • Our carrier bags go through a range of quality control procedures to ensure the bags you receive are as requested and other high workmanship.
  • We supply a wide range of printed carrier bag products throughout the UK.
  • We offer custom bespoke designs for all our carrier bags, with fast turnaround times from concept to delivery.
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Our Printed Carrier Bag Range

Add your brand to an environmentally friendly plastic bag to produce a mobile billboard of your company brand.

Paper bags are increasing in demand and offer enormous options for bad branding, including various print types and finishes.

Printed Mailing Bags

As online e-commerce stores increase, we provide a range of high quality printed mailing bags to reinforce your brand through to product delivery.

Bags for life are designed for long-term use, being reusable and extremely durable and extremely environmentally friendly as they are made from natural materials

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The Benefits Of Using Printed Carrier Bags For Your Company's Promotion

promotional printed carrier bags

What comes to mind when someone says the "Golden Arches"?  Who doesn't know what the Apple logo means? What colour is the Starbucks logo? 

There is a power in branding a product, and any savvy business owner knows that nothing stirs emotions in consumers like a good logo and tagline. 

Printed carrier bags are one of the most economical ways a company can self-promote. This versatile form of advertisement has taken on a whole new level of potential, for start-up companies and huge retailers.

Consumer Attachment

Providing a higher quality custom carrier bag evokes an emotion in consumers, whether it is conscious or not. A nicely printed bag made of heavier plastic, specialty paper or fabric material makes the customer feel special. It is the same feeling one gets when handed a well wrapped gift. The packaging is part of the presentation.

Extended Audience

A carrier bag can be used again and again. Consumers will be able to "recycle" the bag when attending functions, bagging items to give away, or going about town to shop. Having a striking logo or company information provides consumer recognition, even if they don't realise they are learning about your company. When it comes time for them to buy, whether walking past a store or restaurant, having a familiarity with the "brand" lets customers feel comfortable going into a new establishment.

Carrier bags also have much more visibility than traditional promotional items. Pens, key chains, hats and flashlights have had their place, but the company information is targeted to a much smaller audience. It usually relies on keeping the company information available to the individual.

Meeting Environmental Requirements

Having a printed carrier bag that can be used for multiple purposes is much better environmentally. While it is true the disposable plastic bags can be recycled, it is more of a down-cycle since plastic loses much of its durability with each new recycle process. A fabric carrier bag or a high end plastic bag is usable for a long period of time. Think of gift bags - most people keep them to use again. People want to do things that are environmentally friendly, so getting a logo on a carrier bag is a great way to multi-purpose advertisement.

Being Practical

A nice carrier bag is just a better package for a product. Plastic carry bags come in a variety of styles with handles, making it better to transport food items to avoid spills. These bags are also good for holding large quantities or weights of clothes or other retail items.

Fabric carrier bags are great not only as a promotional give-away, but some retailers actually charge for consumers to take their product. Used as an impulse purchase, a high-quality and attractive carrier bag for just a miniscule amount of money is a great deal for consumers who want a nicer bag.

As the industry has exploded with more and more businesses looking to find a provider for carrier bags, there are many options to choose from.

Do your research, and find a company that will be able to provide you with years of options as your company grows and changes.

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